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Re: Speed of the tests in v8

- 22 يناير, 2016 12:17:16
Hi Leonardo.

I have been reviewing the errors, and it seems that the test file is run
within its module, but also with the modules depending on it loaded.
Let's say if B depends on A, then when I am running A with --test-file,
B is loaded as well, and obviously the tests of A suppose that B is not

I guess the problem is that only the dependencies of A should be loaded,
not the modules depending on it.

On some simpler test files, it does work ok.

These errors appear be it issuing ./openerp-server ...
--test-file=, and using our anybox.recipe example with

Also I have many mock errors. I am using @patch.object, I guess that I
have to import the classes in another way knowing the setup is
Nicolas Schmitt
Coordinador del Departamento de Tecnología e Información
On 22/01/16, Leonardo Pistone wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 4:34 PM, Nicolas Schmitt
> <> wrote:
> > The thing is: it seems I have exactly the same errors than when using
> > the --test-file= flag.
> Which errors?
> > Maybe the updating process?
> Yes. When you `--test-enable`, the tests are run as soon as each
> module is loaded and updated. That could have some side effects,
> because for example modules depending on your module have not been
> loaded yet.
> With this anybox+nose setup, all modules are loaded beforehand.
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