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Speed of the tests in v8

- 21 يناير, 2016 11:21:08
Hi all,

I am using Odoo v8, and I am looking for a way to speed up the python
unit testing.
When I work on a test case on a module with many dependent modules,
testing takes too much time (around 17 seconds).

What I would like
The possibility to test only one file, even though it may require
updating the module.

What I would really like
The possibility to use --test-file= without having to
update anything.

What I have discovered so far
1) My tests are working all right using:
./openerp-server -c  -d  --test-enable
2) I have many errors using:
./openerp-server -c  -d  --test-file=
3) I have the same errors using:
./openerp-server -c  -d  --test-file=

The only thing I could find so far is this post by Alexandre Fayolle
from 2013, without any answer:
It is really similar to my problem, only that it seems to apply only to
yaml files, and that the Odoo version seems not to be the 8th.

The ultimate goal
With the possibility to run only one test file, I would like to
implement a way to trigger automatically the testing on model/views/test files
modifications (maybe using watchdog?).

If you know the answer to this particular problem, or if you have any
kind of tips about facilitating testing, I would be grateful for your
Also if you know things specific to Odoo 9, still good to know.
I will then sum up all solutions/tips in an Odoo Forums post, so that it
may serve to others.

Thanks a lot.
Nicolas Schmitt
Coordinador del Departamento de Tecnología e Información