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José Miguel Andonegi
- 30 يناير, 2015 05:18:48
Hi Charline:

I have not been able to run the script. When I paste it in the url field, it redirects me to a Google search. I'm doing it with Firefox 35.

I have pasted these two texts:

  • javascript:new openerp.Model('ir.config_parameter').call('get_param', ['database.create_date']).done(function(e) {alert(e); })
  • https://edu-fpbidasoa.odoo.com/javascript:new openerp.Model('ir.config_parameter').call('get_param', ['database.create_date']).done(function(e) {alert(e); })
Am I doing anything wrong?

2015-01-29 15:36 GMT+01:00 Charline Louis (clo) <clo@mail.odoo.com>:

Dear José,
Dear other teachers,

To know exactly when you have created your database:

1. Log in your "edu-.........odoo.com" environment.
2. Copy: " javascript:new openerp.Model('ir.config_parameter').call('get_param', ['database.create_date']).done(function(e) {alert(e); }) "
3. Past it in the url field, (instead of your database url starting with https://edu-.........odoo.com)
! ! Make sure "javascript:" is there - in Chrome, it's erased immediately, you'll have to type it in front again.
4. a Dialogue box comes up with the date of the creation of the DB.

Best regards,

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