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Dear Teachers, Let's not "wast [...]

Charline Louis (clo)
- 12 ديسمبر, 2014 06:12:37

Dear Teachers,

Let's not "waste time", you all know how things are going fast with Odoo. :)

Please find here under the complete info for Education Program on V8. Don't forget to follow the guidelines in attachment (they have slightly changed)!

If you still could add Odoo on your school's website, we will appreciate very much :) Thank you in advance!

Merry Christmas :)



Education Program V8:

- Paid Odoo online account: the unlimited Odoo environments and unlimited users are valid for 6 MONTHS. Before creating your Odoo databases, please follow the guidelines here in attachment.
- Official functional training material on Odoo: please follow this link to the functional training to get access to the videos. Please start with the "Introduction" file before progressing to the training on other Apps. This is necessary in order to understand the basics of Odoo. Do not share this material. These documents are restricted to your personal use and are only for academic purposes. This Odoo "manual" will help you to create your course. If one of your colleague is interested in our program, please ask this person to contact us.

As confirmed:

- Odoo will use our partnership for communication purposes (on Twitter: @Odoo, Facebook or our website)
- You will be transparent about your usage of Odoo
- You will include the fact that you use Odoo in the course description. A link will redirect the visitors to the Odoo App page (for example: Odoo CRM, Odoo HR, Odoo WMS, etc.)
- You will share with Odoo and other teachers the education material created. Send it to the discussion group: teachers@odoo.com.

Thank you for your trust and enjoy Odoo 8!