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Re: v10: Creating Transfers to replenish stock (move it, not purchase it).

- 21 نوفمبر, 2017 02:51:17

Hello Ray,

It is better you create P, S and B as warehouses.  Than you can use advance route functionality on warehouse.

There you can set resupply warehouse rule.

Thank you.

Hope that helps you.

Saumil S.
Evozard Consulting Services Private Limited

On Tuesday 21 November 2017 03:50 AM, Raymond Carnes wrote:

In warehouse with primary, secondary and bulk stock locations:


P – Primary

S – Secondary

B – Bulk

Single Bottles of Beer

Six Packs of Beer

Cartons of Beer

Cartons of Beer

Partial Pallets of Beer

Full Pallets of Beer

Replenished by moving Cartons from Location S

Replenished by moving Full Pallets from B

Replenished by purchasing more stock via Vendor PO’s.


Is there a way to configure Odoo with Procurement/Push Routes/Routes/Reordering rules to create transfers from:


S to P (when P is low)?

B to S (when S is low)?


All locations are in the same warehouse.


Any ideas, modules, examples, etc greatly appreciated.