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Re: SEEKING: Way to BACK DATE Stock Transfers. Selling Products on Consignment. I don't know until a month later what goods have been 'bought'??

- 07 أغسطس, 2017 11:17:03
Hi Ray,

We have created Back-Dating option on stock picking for one of our clients.
Happy to share the module with you.
Give us your email if you are intrested.

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 6:30 AM, Eric Caudal <> wrote:

Hi Ray,

What is your set up on valuation/put away strategy?

I would think FIFO/Realtime. This means that when the goods are shipped out, the valuation from the quant is taken into account.

If average, I think you have a no-go here (stock move will take into account the value at today's valuation average price.

besides that, in standard Odoo, you have no way to input a date in the past for the inventory moves (that is linked to the way Odoo calculates inventory adjustment).

You might want to have a look at some module that allows backdating in the community but do it with extreme care

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On 08/08/2017 12:45 AM, Ray Carnes wrote:

Hi Experts,

How are other people handing stock transfers that happen in the real world at a different time that they can be processed in Odoo?


I posted this question to

I want some help with stock transfers in Odoo that need to be BACK DATED.

I want to have this happen in Odoo v9.

1. Customer places order.

  • Customer pays nothing - they are just asking for items they MAY buy from me.  They will report and pay later what they 'buy'.


2. In Odoo, we process a Stock Transfer (like an Internal Transfer).

  • Items are moved from MY Warehouse to a CUSTOMER Warehouse (Consignment Location).  
  • Since I still own the items, there are is no Accounting Impact (or just freight is added to my Inventory Asset). The value of MY Inventory is unchanged (or increased slightly if I roll the freight cost back in).
  • Since I still own the items, but they have moved, there is a QTY Impact. The QTY on HAND at MY Warehouse decreases, the QTY on HAND at CUSTOMER Warehouse increases.


3. Customer reports usage.

  • This represents the quantity of items they have consumed - and they need to pay me for these items.


4. In Odoo, we process a Stock Transfer (like a Delivery Order - move from WH to CUST) for the reported usage.

  • Items are moved from CUSTOMER Warehouse (Consignment Location) to CUSTOMER Location (just like a normal Delivery Order).
  • Since I no longer own the items, there is an Accounting Impact.  The value of MY Inventory decreases. 
  • Since I no longer own the items, there is a QTY Impact. The QTY on HAND at the Consignment Location decreases, the QTY on HAND at CUSTOMER Location increases.


This process has to work over different months.  They may place the order in August, consume some in August and the some in September and not send me the usage report until October.   At this point, they still have items to consume in October or November.

I need a way to process (4) and enter the 'date effective'.  For example, I may get a report in October telling me 40% were consumed in August and 50% were consumed in September.  When I enter this October 8th, Odoo would need to change the asset value of my Inventory in August AND September (even though I validate the Stock Transfers in September).


Back when I was using OpenERP v6, I had a Customer who wanted to receive Incoming Shipments on Monday, even though they were processed 'in the real world' on Friday - so they wanted to change the date of the Shipment BACK to Friday and have Odoo back date the stock move.

Odoo provided the patch discussed at 


How are other people handing stock transfers that happen in the real world at a different time that they can be processed in Odoo?


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