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Re: Put Away Strategy ignored for manufactured goods

Josse Colpaert (jco)
- 12 فبراير, 2016 06:41:04
You are right that the put away strategies are only applied on pickings.  As on manufacturing orders, you are supposed to take from/put in just one location.  If you want to do it otherwise, it is better to configure the routes in order to have a two way in / out strategy, in order to have a picking before and a picking after.  It is not easy to configure, but it is possible.  (also in v9, you can put a source location on a procurement rule of type manufacture in order to be able to work with a production IN/OUT location even if the MO is generated from a procurement.  If it is generated manually, you can have a push rule from production OUT to Stock then)

On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 10:22 AM, Florian Baumann <> wrote:
Hello again,

2016-02-11 11:19 GMT+01:00 Florian Baumann <>:
> Hello,
> I am under the impression, that Put Away Strategies are used to sort
> products into their respective default stock locations. Unfortunately,
> this seems only the case for bought products and not manufactured
> goods.

I did a bit of further research.  As far as my understanding goes, the
"problem" is, that Put Away Strategies are only applied by
stock.pickings. But as the MO does not create a stock.picking, when
transferring the produced item from the source location (e.g. Virtual
Locations/Production) to the destination location, the Put Away
Strategies are never applied to the move.

The destination location of the MO is set to the procurement location
of the procurement generating the MO. As the procurement is generated
automatically through routes, I can't find a way to "intercept" the
procurement location, to set it to the default location for my
Even when I create a procurement order manually, I can't find a way to
set the procurement location, but only the warehouse, in which the
procurement is generated.

So, is there a way to generate procurements in a different location
from WH/Stock, depending on the product?

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