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Re: Product substitutes. How?

Elico Solutions Pte Ltd, dominique kon sun tack
- 07 فبراير, 2016 11:16:29

You will have n x m possibilities. The question seems more about selecting or short listing the most relevant.

How about creating a wizard, that applies a filter on the possibilities. For example a range of price and availability.

On 7 Feb, 2016 11:57 pm, "Urs Probst" <> wrote:

In the electronics industry, many products such as resistors of a 
specific value, size etc. can be bought from different manufacturers. To 
make things more complicated, you have to buy these products from a 
distributor (reseller), most manufacturers don't sell directly to SME 
(Small Medium Enterprises).

In Odoo (V8 or V9) I create a product for all these resistors of a 
specific value, size etc.
Now I would like to create "substitute products", n possibilities for 
the one product defined above.
How could I achieve this in Odoo?
The vendors list in the odoo-product is not the right place, I think: 
Because there are multiple resellers selling each multiples 
manufacturers' parts. This would result in n times m long list and there 
is no way to extract the right reseller with the chosen manufacturer.

To give an example:
Product created in Odoo:
     Product Name: "Res_ThickFilm_1k0_1%_0603"
     This is the product in the final BOM for assembling an electronics 
board (PCB).

This part is manufactured by "Yageo", "ASJ", "Bourns" (and others) each 
of which have their own part-numbers.

Distributors such as "Digi-Key", "Rutronik", "Mouser", "Arrow" etc. sell 
one or more of above manufacturer's products.

During procurement, each reseller (a.k.a. distributor) is contacted to 
give their prices for each vendor (and availability). Then, one reseller 
and one manufacturer is selected and finally ordered.

Thanks and best regards,

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