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Re: Website missing features -- evaluation

Antiun Ingeniería S.L., Rafael Blasco
- 10 مارس, 2015 11:00:02

There is AB-testing tools in campaigns

On 10 Mar 2015 15:56, "Mathieu Boldireff" <> wrote:
Hi all!

I am new with Odoo and I just did a quick review of the Website and e-Commerce features. I have a couple of points that I think are missing. I have search for modules, but I haven't found any. 

Is any of you are working on those features? Do you think they are important? 

Here's the list:
-- No AB-Testing tool: I think it will come on the SaaS soon.
-- Lake of metadata control
-- No URL path control for products 
-- No ''Search Terms'' analytics and controller
-- No wish List
-- No easy way to add video on production
-- No label for automatically display if a product is new, out of stock etc.
-- No filter by price for the store
-- No way put dynamic contents for recurring visitors

Ty in advance for you feedback!

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