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Re: Reflection about documentation.

El Aleman, David Arnold
- 30 أغسطس, 2014 05:16:30
Congrats to Odoo to the new design!!! Hosting a rtfd on your servers might seem a good idea, also strategically to be somwhat connected to the latest news in the doc communitiy.

XMO, I would suggest some little tweaks on the headline css, spaces before and after headlines, etc. to give it even more visual structure. Play arround a bit with the baseline and probably make the paragraph size narrower ( maybe cutting it at 3/4 would look nice and harmoneous ).
Probably you could think about using an alternate/contrasting font for headlines, this is usually a good idea, IMO. (some suggestions: Arvo, Bree Serif, Patua One !, Comfortaa, Coustard)

Additional ressources for text heavy web design: