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Re: Reflection about documentation.

David Arnold
- 16 أغسطس, 2014 12:37:08
I is time for another consolidation of the collected information in this discussion and the odoo-pad @

After target market has risen the question on how to tackle the future of Odoo Documentation and a vibrant discussion, Fabien has presented a complete set of suggestions on how to proceed, and what strategy and role is SA planning to take.

He suggested (rephrased in my own words):
- A very streamlined documentation to reduce maintainance cost and the cost of outdated documentation to the ecosystem, contextual wherever possible.
- A central point of contact, so to speak a unification of the documentation domain under the SA umbrella
- A clean and efficient interface / portal for this central point of contact
- An easy way to collaborate on the documentation via a dedicated github repository and looser editing rights
- The generation of an outline (table of content), in order to be able to assign tasks and ressources to this project ->

After an initial vibrant contribution to this tocdoc, people might have noticed, that it is hard to advance with only commenting on a pad in an unstructured unmoderated manner.

So I bothered to fuel this discussion with another consolidation in the form of a mock-up, where the proposals and feedbacks of the tocdoc-pad have been included. You'll notice, that it bears my own signature, but I don't think as beeing the author this is an issue here. It is an attempt to promote the generation of one single thing:

A Great Documentation ->, please comment on