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Re: Reflection about documentation.

Carlos Contreras
- 15 أغسطس, 2014 11:45:15

I think actual help odoo its just that an help desk it could be great have documents or posts with funcional explain in structured way ( i dont saying that help odoo its lack of structure i mean that if help odoo where efective as a document do (wiki, memento, etc) where there are an order on steps to do over the  system, some people are receptive to vídeos other on guides or manuals but the help blog its usefull but its time consuming navigate over the questions and answers, i think could be beter if we can link a structured document with the help and have the posibility to enrich that document with vídeos, images with the best answers Well i think the help its good but its not perfect we can achieve perfection if we ask if we have the best solution or we are just conform with what we have now.

We cant beter things if we do the same things

El Friday, August 15, 2014, Nhomar Hernandez <> escribió:

On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 10:14 AM, Carlos Enrique Contreras Vara <> wrote:

I think could be great to open, over Odoo a blog like Wordpress style where there Will be editors and contributors in that way we Could have the same Look and feel and get feedback back by comments from OCA.

Is not that wht actual is doing?

And it has a flow I think (not sure but I think so).
The guidelines can be established by documenter expertises based upon on doubts and questions from help site of odoo, so we can link questions and answers to posts on the blog or as i said the new blog of documentation.

The karma stuff do that, well "i think it does"

All people can subscribe as editor or contributor or translator to specific parts of the documentation blog. 

It is a matter of name.

If you fill "a question" and your self propose "an answer well documented" is the same... again "I think - not sure is the same."

What you think?

Nhomar Hernandez
CEO Vauxoo.
Twitter: @nhomar
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