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Re: Reflection about documentation.

by David Arnold <> - 12 أغسطس, 2014 11:00:25
@Eric, good point, I was enchanted at first.

But I realized, that this aproach will be proned to fail. Thes statistics, that Fabien presented some time ago are not representing the percieved truth, as good as the basic idea might have been. Honours to the idea: I think this is a good approach for providing answers if you are in your *second or third* round of the hermeneutic cycle of learning.

If you start, however, (and that's the customer perspective, Miguel braught into the discussion), you need guidance, and guidance means structure. Therefore thedocumentation fundament must be built close to the core (github/rst/sphinx), community enabled (easy editing), up to date and well structured (first from a customer perspective, second from developer perspective sic! - because in this order we have compatibility, the other way round, we don't) and cover probably 70% of the topics with a focus on what an informed customer want's to know. (customer, sic!)