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Re: Domain Filter for Attendance

Khaled Hamed, Khaled Hamed
- 19 سبتمبر, 2016 08:19:49

I managed to solve this issue using the following rule:

['|',('employee_id.user_id', '=', uid),'|', ('employee_id.parent_id.user_id', '=', uid), ('employee_id.department_id.manager_id.user_id', '=', uid)]

Don't know exactly why it works, but it seems that domain rule cannot parse more than two rules :-) .

Explanation is appreciated

On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 12:47 AM, Khaled Hamed <> wrote:
Dear Community,

I'm trying to restrict Attendance List to be for Department Manager and Employee's Manger on action domain value:

It works perfect for Department Manager rule:

['|', ('employee_id.user_id', '=', uid), ('employee_id.department_id.manager_id.user_id', '=', uid)]

When adding employee's manager rule nothing appear:

['|', ('employee_id.user_id', '=', uid), ('employee_id.department_id.manager_id.user_id', '=', uid), 
('employee_id.parent_id.user_id', '=', uid)]

Please advise.

Best regards...

Khaled Hamed Mostafa

Best regards...

Khaled Hamed Mostafa