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Re: Odoo POS - SAPIN french law compliance

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 31 أغسطس, 2016 04:07:16
On 31/08/16 08:13, Mind & Go | Libérez votre croissance wrote:
> As a part of the french community probably know, the french laws are
> moving and the POS software will have to be certified.
> Does anyone in the french community already had a reflexion or already
> had some additionnal information on the way software could be certified?


We needed to make a similar certification in Belgium to certify our 
point of sale.
We were considering to certify it as well for French laws but I haven't 
properly checked the rules yet (mainly because consulting the 
requirements alone already cost 500€, thanks to private certification 
If somebody in France has already looked into it and has more info, 
please contact me.


Martin Trigaux