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Re: Using analytical account as cost center

Dexciss Technology Pvt Ltd, Apoorv Soral
- 01 أبريل, 2016 01:54:50

I'm also interested to know the answer as I've used account segmentation in the past to drill down to specific information and it worked for me.
I'd still consider myself new to this concept of using analytical accounting for segmentation, not to say it is any less powerful. Can someone help me understand the same example and how would report if you need to know the expense per location and what if I want to further classify another dimension as line of business.
So, expense by line of business
Expense by location
Expense by location by line of business

Please help.

On Apr 1, 2016 10:18 PM, "John Pia Jr" <> wrote:

Currently our cost center is built into the logic when creating a cost account,


6-250- 100

6 = major account - Expenses
250 = cost account - Electrical
100 = cost center - Location A

Having our account structure setup like this, allows me to run a general ledger report, and under any given cost account, I am able to see the breakdown for that account as it relates to each cost center.

Example of current GL report

6-250 = Total Electrical Expenses for company
    6-250- 100 = Electrical expense for locationA
    6-250- 200 = Electrical expense for locationB
    6-250- 300 = Electrical expense for locationC

I intend on using analytical account as my call center, which will allow me to drop the last 3 digits in my account code and separate accounts from call centers.

I have two questions:

1. Is it possible to produce the same type of general ledger report I'm used to if I use analytical accounts as the cost center?

2. If possible, am I able to create a relationship between an analytical account and they cost account.

Any input would be wonderful.

Thank you

- John Pia Jr

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