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Re: Advice on managing shipping using company-owned Transportation Fleet

Aurium Technologies, zahid
- 01 أبريل, 2016 06:57:42
there is a module for that , you can check this

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On Fri, Apr 1, 2016 at 11:42 AM, Johan Van Hirtum <> wrote:

Hey John,



I think you best create a warehouse for each truck. Than you can allocate spaces in your warehouse as in every Odoo warehouse. When you’re lucky and all your pallets have the same size ( as I think you are ), you divide your truck in 30 equal parts, with each can house 1 pallet. You could than write a model where the route of your trucks can be defined ( first customer A with all his ready to deliver orders, then B…. till M/N/… ). From the orders you know how much and witch pallets each customer becomes. So your system can than propose a route for each pallet to the right position on the right truck and your driver gets a report with his delivery addresses in right order and the pallets to deliver.

When your pallets are different in size, you can go the same way, but you also will need a model where for each type of pallet, you can indicate how much ‘truck fields’ are needed for this pallet. Your automatic routing is then a bit harder to program. When your goods are very different in size, you will probably even have to make a loading list from last on the delivery tour to first and let your warehouse people route the pallets by hand and give the actual positions via bar code reader to the Odoo system.


Succes !


Van Hirtum Johan


Van: John Pia Jr []
Verzonden: vrijdag 1 april 2016 1:35
Aan: Community
Onderwerp: Advice on managing shipping using company-owned Transportation Fleet



one of the  challenges that I'm facing with my 0odoo implementation, is how to manage the shipping trips that our own company-owned trucks make, to deliver our product. Currently our transportation system allows for us to identify a pallet position for each pallet On Any Given truck.

The position on the truck is critical as it dictates the order in which the truck driver delivers his cargo.

For example pallet position 1 is all the way in the front of the truck, and will be delivered or last. Position 30 is at the end of the truck and will be delivered first.

Right now I have not come up with a solution as to how to identify a pallet position on pack in odoo.

the only thing I have come up with was creating a virtual location which represents a truck. I have not figured out how to identify the position on that truck.

I could be completely off in my thinking but this is all I could come up with.

those of you who have experience in managing a company owned Transportation Fleet, your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all.

- John Pia Jr

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