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Fwd: Odoo V9/Sales - No Product List in Quote

- 15 فبراير, 2016 09:13:50

I will preface that I am new to the product having worked with it for about a month.  And maybe I have missed something important in my configuration of the software. 

I have installed a local copy of Odoo V9 Community for a client that I am helping centralizing three systems into one.  I have been able to upload Customers, Contacts and configure Products with BOM and Variants. 

I am now testing the Quote section of Sales.  However, were I would expect to have a pull down menu for Product and the title "Product", I have instead on the header of the Order Lines tab the title "Description" with the words below it, "Add Item" as a link that goes to a popup window titled, "Create:  Order Lines"....why am I not seeing a Product header title and Product pull down menu on this tab of the Quotations page?

Any and all help greatly appreciated.