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Odoo 9 Accounting: We support your bank

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 28 سبتمبر, 2015 04:00:10

Odoo 9 supports direct bank interfaces to sync your statements automatically. We just launched a widget allowing you to test if your bank is supported. From this page, use the text search widget on the right:

If your bank appears in the search box, it means it is supported in Odoo 9 and you can sync Odoo directly with your bank. Some of the supported countries include: U.S., France, Spain, Colombia, India, NZ, Australia, ...

For the Odoo 9 documentation, we are trying to build an extensive list of supported features by country. If you have a few minutes to help us: check if the top 5 banks of your country are supported. If one of these is supported, please report a "V" in line 27 of this document (the column is your country):

If none of these top 5 banks are supported, set a "X" in the right cell. You can also fill in the other lines if you know if banks of your countries support SEPA, OFX, QIF, CSV, ...