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Re: Funding for Colombian Localization - DIAN External Information

OSSE - Oficina de Soluciones y Servicios Empresariales, jolevq
- 01 سبتمبر, 2015 12:16:55

Very Good Yury!! You can count with us!!



José Elcorrobarrutia

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2015-08-31 22:47 GMT-05:00 Yury Tello <>:
Hello Community,

CubicERP started a funding that will hopefully allow us to complete the development of colombian localizations to the version 8 of Odoo.

Find the information about the funding here:

Thanks to share and to support us if you feel concerned.

Best Regards

Yury Tello Canchapoma
Cubic ERP S.A.C

Telef.:(+51 1) 5362222 / 3330006
Av. Arequipa 4211, Miraflores - Lima - Perú

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