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How to get started

James Berg
- 28 مارس, 2015 04:44:30
Hi all

I'm almost too embarrassed make this request, but I can't for the life of me see how to get started with odoo.

I signed up on the little one line getting started box on the site putting in a subdomain as requested, and registered and can log in just fine to my account.

The problem is, once I get in there, there's no menu item that mentions anything like getting set up, getting started, etc.

There's a Home menu item, on which page there's a box that says Start a new company. Great I thought, but when I click it, it goes straight back to the main site waiting for me to enter the subdomain again. I tried doing that and of course it told me that it's already registered and to sign in (which I already am). 

Then there's a Billing and Support menu item that appears to open some sort of webmail.

And then there's a Website menu item which sends me straight back to the website.

Am I the most stupid person ever to have signed up or what?

Thanks for any pointers someone can give.

Yours in embarrassment