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Re: Define Discount percentage on sales price on product master Data

Eva Pinter
- 21 فبراير, 2015 10:57:55
Hi Emad,

Odoo does not do this in standard. You will need to do some customisation that will use the pricelist containing the standard price, the pricelist containing the actual price for the customer and add a calculated field that will automatically calculate the discount (by comparing the price from both pricelists).

You can also alternatively put the discount as a percentage in the customer pricelist, read it and show this value in the sales order.

Good luck! 
Eva P.

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On 21 Feb 2015, at 23:27, Emad Gamal Naguib <> wrote:

Hi Ahmed firstly thanks a lot for continually support , secondly

1.       i have already activate the 'Allow setting a discount on the sales order lines' feature


         But it display the 'Discount %' on sales order so you define the discount on the fly per each user that's mean it's not predefine data per product .


2.       I already Activated ' Use pricelists to adapt your price per customers ' on sales setting it will calculate the Net price and putted  it after discount as a net price  for product .


3.       All my need that's is display the sales price as 10 and discount 2%  .


Thanks For you quick response


From: Ahmed Elsaka []
Sent: Sunday, February 22, 2015 12:32 AM
To: Community
Subject: Re: Define Discount percentage on sales price on product master Data


Hi Emad,

You can use price list feature OR active the option of "allow setting a discount. ..." --->from (setting --sales)

Odoo Functional Consultant

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