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Configure odoo for gps tracking services - Heeeelp

Octagono , Hugo De la Cadena
- 17 فبراير, 2015 02:49:21


I need to configure odoo for the GPS tracking services. My question is about how to configure my products.


-          I buy the GPS trackers (I can create a product and can assing serial number for each one)

-          I buy the SIM cards to the telecom (I also create a product and can assing serial number, in this case is the phone number of the sim card)


This type of business, we bill  a service, but this service is attached to a vehicle, for example, the detail for one bill  is:


1                     GPS Service for Honda Accord 2005 A105163               USD$15

2                     GPS Service for Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 A154420        USD$15


Each client has one or more gps services in his cars, and each line of the bill has specific characteristics. Also this bill is monthly


How can I manage this type of bills?


I really really will appreciate your help. I have been try and I cant