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Re: Problems with the Indiegogo Campaign

- 08 فبراير, 2015 06:18:54
Hello all,

I was wondering is there an update regarding:

+ A book about creating Odoo Themes for developers and designers. 
 + An exclusive training about How To Start Developing On Odoo Platform. 

According to the last information the book is supposed to ready this month? Thanks in advance,
Kind regards 

2014-12-11 17:27 GMT+00:00 Fabien Pinckaers <>:

> /The first theme we developed, the "Clean" theme will be send as soon as
> you have contributed to the campaign as this theme is already ready to use./

Yes, we are late on this theme. The theme is ready, but we decided to
change the way we structure snippets into separate modules to easily
share them between themes.

We are investing a lot of time to make it super clean. As it will serve
as an example to all future developments, we want to make the theme
clean perfect before sending it to you.

You will get it in one or two weeks.

> The company I work for made a "Power Designer" level contribution two
> month ago, but we never received the theme. As far as I can tell no one
> got it either.

We will release some of the themes by the end of the year, but certainly
not the 50. (or 75) We already have around 30 but they all need to be
cleaned and code reviewed.

You can follow the progress of this team on the twitter account:

> A month ago there was a comment on the campaign page made from the
> official Odoo account  saying "/The free sample of theme Clean will be
> released soon/". There are more recent question from various people
> about the issue there, but those were left unanswered. I tried
> contacting @OdooCMS on Twitter a week ago, but didn't get a response either.

It was useable but not perfect enough. We want to have the first example
perfect as it will define the guidelines on how to create themes.

We also had to create a backport modules to make them work on v8 and
master (they are developed for master, because they rely on new
features, but we want them to work on v8)

> If the "Clean" theme was "already ready to use" before the campaign even
> started then why the holdup? And if you experienced some unexpected
> issues, then why there were no updates on the campaign page since the
> campaign ended?

I will ask the owner of the project to publish an update.

> You are supposed to deliver 85 themes in almost two weeks. What's the
> status on that? And more importantly, when will we get the long awaited
> "Clean" theme?

Clean is coming. I will ask the owner of the projet to do an update for
the 50, then 75 themes.


> Best wishes!
> Ludwik Trammer
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