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Re: Payroll

- 23 مايو, 2017 10:30:52

I believe that for Payroll a general solution is, at least, very difficult to accomplish. We have being working on a solution for Mexican Payroll for almost a year from now. Here you can view some examples of our work:

El 23/05/17 a las 09:20, Yogi Yang 007 escribió:

Our customization is for India only at the moment.

On 23-05-2017 13:00, Bruno Gomes wrote:

Yogi, are you customising the Payroll based on the rules of one specific country?

Or you are working in a general solution?

Bruno Gomes

On 23 May 2017, at 05:55, Yogi Yang 007 <> wrote:

Yes it is possible.

We are currently customizing the Payroll module as the client wants to us only Payroll for this 3000+ employees. They are not interested in using any other features...


Yogi Yang

On 22-05-2017 19:30, Raghav Varkala wrote:

Does Odoo supports Payroll..

Means will it calculate employee salary at the month end and provide us the final output  


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    Raghav Varkala
    - 22 مايو, 2017 09:57:38 - 0

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