Project time sheet is missing

Nilmar Shereef

I don't know why v10 vomits the valuable module "Bill Time on Task" (project_timesheet)

Anyone know the alternative modules? :(

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hans meiser
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Hi,  I think I´m having the same problem. In my Odoo v10 Installation timesheets aren`t available in the projects.

Is this a bug or intended?

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Tomasz Serwanski


in fact it IS possible to report time in project / on project (module timesheet enables you to provide web time sheet for users to report time on project defined in system, as well as is adding menu 'time sheet' where users are able to fill timesheet marking how many hours they spent on project, so from this point of view it is available and working :)

I believe that problem mentioned by Nilmar (same I have) is more related to fact that reporting time on project is not enough, and there is a need to report time on project, AND particular task inside the project as well. unfortunately, seems there is no any module enabling this possibility in odoo 10.

so to highlight a problem - does anybody know if there exist any module allowing users to report time not only on project, but also on task inside the project? would love to read that yes, it is.. :)