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Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd. الهند
2‏/11‏/2015 12:27 ص


We at Emipro, got this question numerous times from different Odoo developers. So here I am giving the step by step guidance how to do this.

Here all my code is in V8.

  • Create a method inside your regular model and return URL. 

For example, 

def get_stock_file(self):
    return {
            'type' : 'ir.actions.act_url',
            'url': '/web/binary/download_document?model=wizard.product.stock.report&field=datas&id=%s&filename=product_stock.xls'%(self.id),
            'target': 'self',

Here I have returned URL with model and some info. Now in next step i will catch that URL to a controller method.

( just like file you can see in /web/controllers/main.py )

  • Make a controller class and catch that url and do process for download excel file.

from openerp import http
from openerp.http import request
from openerp.addons.web.controllers.main import serialize_exception,content_disposition
import base64
class Binary(http.Controller):
@http.route('/web/binary/download_document', type='http', auth="public")
def download_document(self,model,field,id,filename=None, **kw):
    """ Download link for files stored as binary fields.
    :param str model: name of the model to fetch the binary from
     :param str field: binary field
     :param str id: id of the record from which to fetch the binary
    :param str filename: field holding the file's name, if any
    :returns: :class:`werkzeug.wrappers.Response`
    Model = request.registry[model]
    cr, uid, context = request.cr, request.uid, request.context
    fields = [field]
    res = Model.read(cr, uid, [int(id)], fields, context)[0]
    filecontent = base64.b64decode(res.get(field) or '')
    if not filecontent:
         return request.not_found()
        if not filename:
            filename = '%s_%s' % (model.replace('.', '_'), id)
            return request.make_response(filecontent,
                            [('Content-Type', 'application/octet-stream'),
                             ('Content-Disposition', content_disposition(filename))])

In above method I have got the ID from url and then applied some calculation and return the http response from request. Whatever values I have passed from wizard to controller method, I will get them on controller method.

( See below, I have passed model, field, id and filename from url )

def download_document(self,model,field,id,filename=None, **kw):

I have returned Excel file but you can return any kind of file and even an attachment from database binary field too.

By apply code like above, you will able to return any file on button click without intervention of binary field.

I hope this answer will add extra spice into your knowledge and make your Odoo technical understanding more delicious.

Odoo Technical notes is published for this. You can view How to download any file on button click ?  and review it.

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E.M. أسبانيا
8‏/11‏/2015 8:38 ص

This is super detailed and extremely useful. I have pending to try in my project as we need it to generate custom printing files for a thermal printer. Thanks a lot.

Sarina نيبال
20‏/7‏/2017 3:03 ص

Does this code work for odoo10 as well . I got error while using these codes.

res = Model.read(model,cr, uid, [int(id)], fields, context)[0]

TypeError: unbound method read() must be called with kyc.clients instance as first argument (got unicode instance instead)

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Akhil P Sivan الهند

--Akhil P Sivan--

| 6 5 9
Kochi, الهند
--Akhil P Sivan--

Odoo Developer

email-id : akhilpsivan01@gmail.com

Akhil P Sivan الهند
1‏/11‏/2015 4:48 م


You may try using a Binary field.

file = fields.Binary(string='File')
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Sehrish باكستان
22‏/3‏/2018 3:04 ص

Thanks it works in my case. I use binary field in some of my tasks, have a look: http://learnopenerp.blogspot.com/2016/06/using-binary-fields-in-odoo.html

chesucr أسبانيا
11‏/9‏/2019 11:27 ص
This works in Odoo 11 at least. If you have a binary field in any model:

def crete_and_download_dummy_field(self):

# store here your binary file into the dummy field

return {
'name': 'FEC',
'type': 'ir.actions.act_url',
'url': '/web/content/?model=sale.order&id={}&field=dummy&filename_field=dummy_filename&download=true'.format(
'target': 'self',

If you just want a link to download it in a form you can create a binary file and its name

mock_pdf = fields.Binary(string='Mock pdf')

mock_pdf_filename = fields.Char(
string='Mock PDF Filename',

def _compute_mock_pdf_filename(self):
name = self.name.replace('/', '_')
name = name.replace('.', '_')
name = name + '.pdf'
self.mock_pdf_filename = name

And in the form

<field name="mock_pdf_filename" invisible="1" />
<field name="mock_pdf" filename="mock_pdf_filename" />
E.M. أسبانيا
27‏/1‏/2016 4:06 م

This works fine but I do not fully understand this part of the code:

Model = request.registry[model]     
cr, uid, context = request.cr, request.uid, request.context     
fields = [field]
res = Model.read(cr, uid, [int(id)], fields, context)[0]

What does Model contain?

What does fields contain?

What does res contain?

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David Yao هونج كونج
24‏/4‏/2018 2:34 ص

hey, I got the same problem, did you figure out how?

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