How to Change stock Unit of Measure in production environment?

Eslam Ahmed

Now i have a major problem in my production environment

i have some products that have non SI unites of measure 

like Product A 1 Box = 120 Piece 

Product A have stock unit of measure "Box",this caused a lot of rounding error in production environment 

Now i would like to change the stock uom of Product A to piece

how could i do that? is there is a migration roadmap with affected tables to be changed.


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Hello Eslam Ahmed,
    Using Import/Export Odoo default functionality you can change product Unit of Measure.
    In product having Two Types of Unit of measure 1) Unit of Measure and 2) Purchase Unit of Measure.
    following steps for changing products unit of measure:-
        1) First to import products
        2) Change that product Unit of Measure
        Note: Unit of Measure and Purchase Unit of Measure both are same.
        3) Try to Export CSV file.

    Hope this helps.


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I cannot follow this steps or I cannot understand the explanation. If I try to export and import with different UoM the system throws the same error as if trying to change the UoM directly. (not possible if there are stock moves registered already)