Odoo 8: Disable Corporate Header for Selected Reports / Change Default Header

Marcos Colina

How can i choose not to show a header in a report or document, for example “Invoice”. I dont want a header/logo in “Invoice” but i want it in “Sales Order”, Any idea?

For OpenERP 7 we could do that by selecting "Corporate Header" check box on Report Designer for OpenOffice when you send it to the server.

Again, any ideas?


This is a generic procedure (but i need header/logo not to be show on invoice):

How to change the default header/footer in Odoo 8 PDF reports

To edit the header and footer for Quote/Sale orders you need to edit the QWeb view. Here is how to do this:

(1) Settings > Technical > User Interface > Views

(2) Search for “external”

(3) You will see report.external_layout, report.external_layout_header and report.external_layout_footer

(4) Edit these views as appropriate to modify the PDF version of the Quote/Sales orders



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Tirtha Rahaman
Best Answer

Although it is too late for you, this might help someone who hit this page from a search engine.
Remove the call to the external header from the report where you do not want it. 
Remove this: <t t-call="report.external_layout">

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