[odoo 10] : How to assign hard and soft ram in odoo config file?

Hello All,

If I've 18 GB of ram in my VM, how can assign ram to odoo and how should i assign to odoo?

From the odoo's document i found note, that if we have 9 GB of ram we could assign 3 GB to odoo.

This is for e.g. : 

  • RAM = 9 * ((0.8*150) + (0.2*1024)) ~= 3Go RAM for Odoo

But in the configuration file total 9 GB of ram was distributed in hard and soft memory

limit_memory_hard = 1677721600
limit_memory_soft = 629145600

How can i find way to calculate the value for limit_memory_hard and limit_memory_soft, any calculation for this?

Any information related to this appreciated

Best Regards,

Anil Kesariya 


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Best Answer

Hi All,

I've found an answer of my above question, here.

Very well written blog with detailed explanation of each parameter.

Thank you.


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