How to get element in list using index ?

Manish Kumar Bohra

Hello Everyone,

I have try to get element of list using index . I have get first one element of list but how to get other element one by one or respectively .

My python code below :

     for search_val in stage_obj:
         status_list.sort()for ress in status_list:
         if ress:
             self.workflow_stages = ress
             length = len(status_list)
             for index, item in enumerate(status_list):
             if index < length:
                 next_index = index + 1
                 if index:
                 self.workflow_stages = index
         return True
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Hi Manish,

In your code, you should replace the break statement by continue statement.

break statement in your else condition breaking the whole loop and you are not able to get the next element from the list.

Sudhir Arya
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