How do I implement composed products with serial numbers?

Steven Deweirt

Our company sometimes buys products with serial numbers. This works fine in Odoo and we know how to work with it. Sometimes, the product we buy consists of smaller parts that have their own serial number. Is there something in Odoo (like the BOM) that would allow us to implement these composed products when we purchase them? Keep in mind that we would need to have full traceability of the serial numbers, so the products would have to be linked with eachother.

The product would look like this:

- Main product that is purchased (S/N: 123456):

     - Part of the product that we need to track (S/N: FLM36)

     - Another part of the product (No S/N)

     - Possibly more parts...

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

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You can follow the method of BOM Type as "Ship the product as kit" for the current requirement.You can follow the below link for its setup an working.

Ship the Product as Kit (BOM)

You can also refer the previous question answered

Buy Set of Products


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