Healey Green Pty Ltd ATF Mobarek Family Trust No 2

Healey Green Pty Ltd ATF Mobarek Family Trust No 2

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Roaya (11 عملاء(عميل))

2 Ibrahim Al Alfy, San Stifano, Qism El-Raml
21532 Alexandria

The Healey Green team is passionate about quality and customer service. We are taking the big boys head-on by providing you the service you deserve whilst also saving you a bundle on our exclusive DAKOTA garden machinery range.

We believe that for far too long, Australians have been paying far too much for garden and outdoor equipment and machinery. So we want to change all that. How do we do it? Our business model is based on the premise that too many fingers in the pie end up costing you, the customer. So we have forged strong relationships directly with quality manufacturers to bring you the highest quality products without using wholesalers, import agents, distributors etc. Our products go from “Manufacturer -> Us -> You” saving you big dollars whilst bringing you the highest quality gear built tough for Australia.