Chemical House

Chemical House

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VentorTech OÜ (9 عملاء(عميل))

VentorTech OÜ
Tööstuse tn 48a
10416 Tallinn

Chemical House is a family owned, specialty manufacturer of quality Australian made chemicals. We have the ability to formulate to your specification on site. We produce a wide range of chemicals for the janitorial, construction, pool and automotive industries. With a fully equipped laboratory and three onsite industrial chemists, we maintain an extremely high level of quality control every batch. We also have the facilities and resources to formulate just about any product for any market.

Business Problems: No centralized overview of daily operations and overall company state. Payment delays from customers negatively impacting cash flow

After Odoo implementation:
1) Automatic control of Bill of Materials cost allowing to sell always with good margin
2) Automatic Customer Payments reminders saving time on manual debts review and allows to make sure that Cash Flow is positive
3) Automating daily operations (Accounting/Sales/Purchases) and controlling all from single place