2 Bridge CVBA

2 Bridge CVBA

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Eezee it (63 عملاء(عميل))

Eezee it
Rue Léon Deladrière, 15
1300 Limal
+32 10 87 00 24

2 Bridge - Building bridges in healthcare development

2Bridge is a team of scientists working in multiple disciplines. Their tiger teams help to advance healthcare product development by providing pharmaceutical R&D consultancy, project leadership, scientific and regulatory writing support and due diligence services.

2Bridge chose Odoo because of the tight integration between quotations, orders, projects, timesheets and invoicing that previously was handled via Excel. By using Odoo the team can work on different projects simultaneously. Each employee has a clear role and access allowing the manager to spread the work over different employees. Previously all the admin was managed by the management team and took most of their time. By using Odoo Management has now more time for customer meetings and strategic business orientations.


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