Max-Gain Systems Pulls Ahead of the competition

Country: United States (Marietta, GA)
Industry: Manufacturing and eCommerce
Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Inventory, Purchase, and Manufacturing
Implementation Type: Odoo Online

The eCommerce industry has experienced radical changes over the last two decades. Some companies have been slow to change, others have anticipated the trend. Here’s how one company launched themselves technologically from the 90s to the 21st century with Odoo.

Max-Gain Systems traces its roots back to the 70s. When Allen Bond first dabbled in amatuer radio, building antennas with some of his friends. As the quality of his antennas rose, his hobby quickly became a side business, which eventually evolved into a large scale, full-time operation. The company incorporated in the late 80s and has been serving the radio part industry since then. Although they mainly sell fiberglass products, they also sell tube and rod, high voltage electric equipment, RF adaptors and connectors, and other radio-based parts. While their products have not altered a great deal, the industries that use their products have and so have their uses of their products. They now sell to the oil industry, marine and boating world, government, education sector, and military. For example they have a few contracts with missile ranges where they are setting up instrumentation to monitor how missiles perform and use Max-Gain’s resources to  communicate information between the instruments.  

Rethinking Processes

Max-Gain Systems was just a paper, pen, and fax company before Odoo. This meant that the 3 main employees each had to manually fill out all of the FedEx forms, purchase orders, credit card information forms, and label all boxes and deliverables. If a customer wanted to place an additional order, or duplicate an order, it had to be redone from scratch. No systems were speaking with each other and every single part of the operation was manual.

Since its beginning Max Gain Systems has served a niche. Where typical fiberglass industry manufacturers demand high order minimums, Max Gain Systems can deliver smaller customized orders. Demand was growing and the processes were not scaling. One employee noticed that a customer’s address might be manually written upwards of 10 times on orders requiring multiple parts from Max-Gains’ different warehouses. As the spring of 2013 came around and the demand rose, they couldn’t keep up. Half of the workforce was tied up in sales order fulfillment. “Looking back, it’s amazing that we were able to keep track of all of the individual parts to our fiberglass kits. All of our parts in general. It became so overwhelming to manually keep track of everything.” Something had to change.

Max-Gain's RF Connectors and Adapters, Vacuum Capacitors, Vacuum Relays, Bristol Wrench Tools, RF Components, and more

Evolving for Modern Times

After evaluating several different solutions, Max-Gain Systems decided on the one that could evolve with their business needs and at a competitive price. Soon after that decision, Odoo helped Max-Gain leap forward through 30 years years of technological innovation to where they are today. Max-Gain Systems utilizes Odoo’s Sales, CRM, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Purchasing apps to run their business smoothly. Odoo has become a massive data repository for all of their information. The ability to have and cross reference the database of orders, customers, and products has improved their processes immensely. From the last year that they were using manual systems to the first year of odoo they experienced a  50% growth in revenue. Before Odoo it would typically take the first few hours of several employees writing down the orders from the previous day. Now with eCommerce and ability to upload orders it only takes one person less than 30 minutes. Odoo has helped them become more flexible and efficient.

"Odoo assigns a name and place for everything. Where everything was once opaque, it’s now transparent. It also improves our customer experience. They get all of the documentation from us easily."

Hunter Davidson, VP of Operations

Their sales process is now seamless in that they can easily create new customers, track line items, and connect sales with their inventory. In their inventory app they can check, remove, and transfer stock in a few clicks. With their customizations they have been able to set up triggers that notify them once their storage bins and overall levels are running low. The accounting system has also been a huge help during tax season. Because none of the employees have a background in tax accounting, Odoo provides all of the tools that that they need. Lastly, their manufacturing keeps track of all of their disparate components with different suppliers that go into their fiberglass kits. Odoo keeps track of all products and components along the supply chain and throughout the sales orders. Max-Gain systems has been able to keep up with demand and modern technology thanks to Odoo.  

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About Max-Gain 

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. is a leading supplier of: fiberglass round tube, square tube, and solid rod, RF Connectors and Adapters, Bristol spline and hex wrenches.  

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