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Stock card

Stock card
555.00 €

Tracking Delivery

Tracking Delivery
460.00 €

This apps helps to print all inventory/stock reports for Odoo

All in one Inventory/Stock Reports Odoo
355.00 €

Stock Picking and Transfer with Fleet

Fleet Stock Picking / Transfer
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
286.20 €

Bridge app to show available stocks by locations in smart product search results

Product Search Available Stocks
Odoo Tools
246.00 €

Warehouse manager helper to add products to pickings in a few clicks. Quick and comfortable

Stock Items Screening
Odoo Tools
219.00 €

Steamline your inventory management and sales with easy-to-use label printing

Label Printing via QZ Tray
Ryan Cole
199.99 €

Shipment integration to sendcloud

Odoo Integration With Sendcloud
190.00 €

Integrate Multi-Warehouse Access Control with Purchase

Multi-Warehouse Access Control - Purchase
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
165.60 €

Integrate Multi-Warehouse Access Control with Manufacturing

Multi-Warehouse Access Control - Manufacturing
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
165.60 €

Integrate Multi-Warehouse Access Control with Sales

Multi-Warehouse Access Control - Sales
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
165.60 €

Multi level access control for each warehouse

Multi Warehouse Access Control
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
155.70 €

This module allow you have process for Consignment business and Second-hand shops.

Consignment Business Process / Second-hand shops
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
148.00 €

This module allow you to print barcode of all lots assigned to picking/move lines.

Picking Lot BarCode Print
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
148.00 €

Total solution for backdate stock & inventory operations

Inventory Backdate
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
137.70 €

Quality Control (QC) management for Warehouse.

Inventory Quality Control Management in Odoo
Edge Technologies
135.00 €

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App Warehouse Stock Inventory with Move In Out Report Total Pack
128.00 €

This module show sales and purchase line description to stock picking/delivery order.

Sales/Purchase Line Description to Delivery/Pickings
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
111.00 €

The tool to calculate stock demand trends and make prediction for future demand statistically

Stock Demand Trends and Forecast
Odoo Tools
103.00 €

The extension for the tool Product Management Interface to add WMS mass actions

Product Management Interface: Warehouse
Odoo Tools
102.00 €