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Stock Position By Location | Stock By Location | Stocks By Location
15.00 €

odoo App will help to set Stock Transfer Back date and remarks while doing stock Tranfer

Stock Transfer Back Date & Remarks
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
35.00 €

Add stock shelf, stock rack, stock slot manager. Shelf Auto Name with XYZ like WH-X1-Y2-Z6. Add shelf menu.

App Shelf manage of stock,货架库存管理
38.00 €

Add stock transit delivery location management. Add Transit delivery location menu.

Transit Location manage of stock,中转物流货位存管理
18.00 €

Stock picking cancel allows you to cancel picking.

Stock Picking Cancel
29.00 €

This module adds support for barcodes scanning to the Sale Purchase Stock.

Sale Purchase Stock Barcode Scanning
Do Incredible
99.00 €

This module is very useful to select products on basis of different filters.

Advance Product Search and Selection in Stock Operations
Softhealer Technologies
50.00 €

Create and manage reordering rules automatically using templates

Advanced Auto Reordering Rules Pro. Create Reordering Rule Orderpoint Automatically Manage Stock Orderpoint Reordering Rule using Templates
Ivan Sokolov
39.00 €

This module allow you have process for Consignment business and Second-hand shops.

Consignment Business Process / Second-hand shops
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
148.00 €

This app helps to generate stock stock picking from invoices even sales or purchases

Create Stock Move Directly from Invoice
ERP World
10.00 €

Customer Order Reference on Delivery Form

Customer Order Reference on Delivery Form
Piotr Cierkosz
9.00 €

Customer Access Management For Sales Persons. Share all sale records of particular customer with selected sales persons.

Customer and Related Sales Records Access Management
Almighty Consulting Services
50.00 €

This module is used to print Daily Stock Receipt

Daily Stock Receipt Report
Kiran Kantesariya
7.00 €

Revise DO, Receiving

Delivery Order Revision
Akhmad D. Sembiring [vitraining.com]
214.72 €

This apps helps to generate Material request for purchase,Tender, internal transfer or manufacturing

Dynamic Material Request on RFQ/Tender/MO/Picking in Odoo
89.00 €

Import picking (Shipment/Delivery/Internal Transfer) from CSV/Excel

Import Shipment/Delivery/Internal Transfer
iPredict IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
20.00 €
Import inventory adjust line
virzoteck software and solutions(virzoteck@gmail.com)
19.00 €

This apps helps to reverse the done inventory adustment also allow to cancel it and set to draft

Inventory Adjustment Cancel/Reverse
19.00 €

This module will create a project task after order confirmation for delevery management

Inventory Alert
16.00 €

This app helps to print Inventory Overstock Product Report.

Inventory Overstock Report
49.00 €