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Allows to automatically select the order line where product is append.

Pos Orderline Selection
ErpMstar Solutions
29.00 €

Allows to restrict download the invoice when will select invoice.

Pos Restrict Invoice Download
ErpMstar Solutions
19.00 €
POS Retail Multi Session
TL Technology
999.00 €

Allowing customers to complete POS transaction on credit card terminal (Six ECR Terminal).

Six ECR Terminal Integration - Xao Xao Digital
Xao Xao Digital CO. , LTD
1490.00 €

The module allows to use Shortcuts for your Odoo POS. Define various hotkeys on your keyboards. Multiple Keyboard Shortcuts can be created. POS Shortcuts / POS Keyboard Shortcuts can be created.

POS Keyboard Shortcuts
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
49.00 €

This module helps you to manage van sales using POS

Van Sales Management
Cybrosys Techno Solutions
49.00 €

POS Multi Barcode for product and using that barcode you can Scan Product with barcode and also for Sales Quotation Order

POS Multi Barcode(Using O2M for community and Enterprise)
7.00 €

Custom order line for POS

POS Order Line
Elson Smith

Way to have manager to discount

POS Discount Confirm
Elson Smith
34.35 €

Restrict discount in categories

POS Discount Limit
Elson Smith
25.76 €

POS Cashier Restriction, if Customer is standard Cashier than hide all the collcetion details.

POS Cashier Restriction(Community & Enterprise)
Kiran Kantesariya
5.00 €

Logo For Every Point of Sale (Screen & Receipt)

Zero POS Logo
Zero Systems
POS Sale Details Excel Report
Cozy Business Solution Pvt.Ltd.
99.00 €
POS Payment Mode Report
5.50 €

POS Session Report Print frontend in Thermal Printer

POS Session Report / POS Session Report Print frontend in Thermal Printer
5.50 €

Using this module you can print current session report

POS Session Report OR POS Daily Report
7.00 €

Using this module you can direct login in to POS without using Backend.

POS Direct Login Without Backend in Odoo / POS Quick Login
5.50 €

Allows you to print receipt from dot matrix printer.

Pos Dot Matrix Printer
ErpMstar Solutions
50.00 €

Select lot when selling product

POS Lot Selection
Devendra kavthekar
40.00 €

POS Kitchen Receipt Print is designed to print Kitchen Receipt in POS.

POS Kitchen Receipt Print
Edge Technologies
25.00 €