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This Addon will help user to direct login into POS

Yudha POS Login Odoo
Albertus Restiyanto Pramayudha

App Print POS backend receipt point of sale backend receipt point of sales backend receipt pos receipt report point of sale receipt report point of sales receipt report Generate receipt from POS customer receipt send POS receipt print point of sale receipt

POS Backend Receipt Report Odoo
Edge Technologies

pos table reservation

pos table reservation
Smart Solutions

Apps helps to Point of sales product suggestion pos product suggested product on point of sale product suggestion pos suggested product on pos suggestion product point of sales suggested product on point of sales product suggestion on point of sales

POS Product Suggestion App
Edge Technologies

Touchscreen Interface for Shops for hide Numpad

Hide Numpad in POS Interface

Allows to create customer wallet in POS.

Pos Wallet Management
ErpMstar Solutions

POS Product List View POS product Grid View pos product view switch pos product switch view point of sales Product List View point of sales product Grid View point of sale product view switch point of sale product switch view point of sales product view

POS Product List and Grid View App
Edge Technologies

You can send POS Order to the customer whatsapp.

POS WhatsApp Integration
Softhealer Technologies

Assign Analytic Account on POS Session analytic account on POS Order analytic account on point of sales analytic account on point of sale analytic account on pos invoice analytic costing on pos accounting entry analytic account on pos session

POS Analytic Account
Edge Technologies

Point of Sale Basic Report

POS Reports
Perfect Solution

Do you want to scan POS(Point Of Sale) products by Barcode or QRCode on your mobile?

POS Mobile Barcode/QRCode Scanner
Softhealer Technologies

Allows you to Send whatsapp messages from Pos.

Pos WhatsApp Integration
ErpMstar Solutions

This Addons Consist off 2 part function, first it will show Sales Person and Cashier in diffrent part location, and then it will calculate View Sales Person Commision based on rule With Sales Target

Sales Person Commision With Target
Albertus Restiyanto Pramayudha

This apps helps you to see Product Internal Reference/Default Code on pos screen and receipt

Product Default Code on PoS Screen and Receipt
Preway IT Solutions

Apps for print Invoice Number On POS Receipt print invoice number on point of sales receipt Invoice number on point of sale receipt invoice number on receipt of pos print invoice number on point of sales receipt print invoice number on receipt Print

Print Invoice Number On POS Receipt App
Edge Technologies

Adds a Session Summary export on the POS session

PoS Session Summary Report
Caret IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Show amount discounted on POS for each orderline and total order!

POS Show Discounted Price
Abdou Nasser

App allow Point of sales Rounding Off Amount for order in point of sales bill amount POS Payment Screen pos manual rounding off pos automatic rounding POS Rounding Payment POS Rounding orders pos Auto Rounding pos Rounding amount value

POS Rounding Amount App
Edge Technologies

This Module allows you to show Taxes summary in Point of sale.

Pos Order Tax Summary
Equick ERP

This Module allows you to generate POS receipt(PDF report) from backend.

POS Receipt from Backend
Equick ERP