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odoo App will print Invoice cost margin report based on dates in odoo.

Invoice Cost Margin Excel Report
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

This app helps user to schedule and send mail on selected date and automatically link mail with chatter.

Schedule Emails To Send Later

Provides web widget for image editing and adds it to standard image widget as modal

Widget image tools
Shurshilov Artem

This app helps user to validate and approve sale order check list according to given user access rights.

Sale Order Checklist With Approval
Edge Technologies

Import Bulk Images Zip File Into Odoo import image images zip import image images import image zip import images image import images zip image import images import zip image import zip images image import zip image images import images image zip images import image import zip

Import Images From Zip

This module useful to give digital signature features in sales, purchase, invoices, accounting (invoices and bills), Inventory. Digital signature useful for approval, security purpose, contract, etc. If you want to digital sign is compulsory so you can make it just tick 'Check Sign before confirmation' in res config setting. After checking this field if you make a sale order/purchase order/invoice/bills without sign so it will give you a warning. Digital Signature - Sales, Purchase, Invoice, Inventory Odoo Provide Digital Signature In Sales Module, Give Digital Signature In Purchase, Set Digital Sign In Sale Order, Provide Digital Sign In Purchase Order, Put Digital Signature In Invoice, Digital Signature In Vendor Bills, Digital Signature Approach In Inventory, Digital Signature Concept In Picking Operations Module, Feature Of Digital Signature In Delivery Slip, Digital Signature Function In Quotation, Digital Signature In Request For Quotation, Digital Sign In PO, Digital Signature Approach In SO Odoo. Sales Digital Signature Module, Purchase Digital Signature App, Sale Order Digital Sign, Purchase Order Digital Sign, Invoice Digital Signature, Vendor Bills Digital Sign, Inventory Digital Signature Approach, Picking Operation Digital Signature Concept, Delivery Slip Digital Sign,Quotation Digital Signature, Request For Quotation Digital Sign, PO Digital Signature, SO Digital Signature Odoo. digital sign digital signature digital sign in sale digital sign in purchase digital sign in invoice digital sign in bill digital sign in stock digital signature in sale digital signature in purchase digital signature in invoice digital signature in bill digital signature in stock

Digital Sign in Sales, Purchase, Invoices, Inventory
Softhealer Technologies

The module integrates Tawk.to Livechat feature with Odoo website. The customer can livechat with the user from the Odoo website.

Odoo Livechat Tawk To
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Currently, in odoo, you can send an order directly by clicking on 'Send by Email' then after you have need to modify email every time and it's a quite time-consuming process. That's why we made this module. This module provides a pre-setup email template so you just need to press 'Direct Send' in order/bills form view. If you want to send a quotation/sale order/purchase order/RFQ etc direct to customer/vendors email without any changes in the email template? You can do that thing using this module on one click. Here it is a module that helps to send an order/bills direct to customer/vendor email. This module provides a button 'Direct Send' in order/bills form view so it will easy to send direct related customer/vendor. You can also filter a list of an order/bills by 'Direct Send'. Directly Send By Email Odoo Direct Send Quotation By Email, Direct Send Purchase Order By Email Module, Send Sales Order Email Through Template, Provide Direct Send Feature In Invoices, Direct Send Vendor Bills By Mail Odoo,Direct Send Quote By Email, Direct Send Request For Quotation By Email Module, Send So Email Through Template, Provide Direct Send Feature In Po, Direct Send RFQ By Mail Odoo. Direct Send Email Quotation App, Send Email Purchase Order Module, Send Email Template Sales Order, Provide Mail In Invoices, Send Email Vendor Bills Odoo.

Direct Send By Email
Softhealer Technologies

Universal Rest API

Universal Rest API
Grzegorz Krukar (grzegorzgk1@gmail.com)

This module allows the user to filter Sales, Purchase, Invoice, Inventory. User can filter by Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 365 Days, Today, This Week, This Month, This Quarter, This Year, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month, Last Quarter, Last Year. Group By Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year. All In One Filters – Sale, Point Of Sale, Purchase, Invoice, Inventory Odoo. Filters In Sales Order By Last Week, Filter So By Date, Filter Quotations For Customer In Last Month, Filter In Point Of Sale, Filter POS In Last Quarter Module, Filter In Request For Quotation By Date, Filter RFQ By Year, Filter Purchase Order By Month, Filter PO In This Year, Filter In Invoice By This Month, Filter Receipt By This Week,Group By Year Of Payment, Filter In Stock By Date, Filter Inventory In Group By Day Odoo. Last Month Sale Order Filter App, This Month POS Filter Module, Group By Month Customer Invoice, Last Quarter Purchase Order, Last Week PO Filter, Last Year Inventory Filter, Group By Day Stock Odoo.

All in One Filters and Group By - Point of Sale, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Invoice
Softhealer Technologies

Changes user's email and signature to the ones defined in the current company

Multi-Company Email

Digital Signature Documents helps to add Digital Sign on Sales, Digital Signature on Purchase, Digital Signature on Invoices And Digital Signature on Inventory along with Digital Sign on PDF reports for all in one Digital sign

Odoo Digital Signature for Sales, Purchase, Invoices and Inventory
Edge Technologies

Odoo Web Gantt chart view.

Web Gantt View
Almighty Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Easy PDF report create end direct print

Easy PDF creator

This module will import image from URL as well as from local system file path.

Import Image from URL and Local System Path
Nilesh Sheliya

The tool to add new fields for Odoo contacts without any technical knowledge

Custom Fields for Contacts
Odoo Tools

The extension to KnowSystem to translate articles

KnowSystem: Multi Languages
Odoo Tools

Data Archive Utlis

MuK Archive

Product sales history will help you track of sales price for each product on each sales order

Product Sale Price History

Base module to interact with sms gateways

SMS Gateway Base