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This app will allow app to manage the List Views on the fly and endeavour a quick and effortless way to view/manage the desired data, where you’ve multifarious options to slice and dice your List View easily on a click.

List View Manager
Ksolves India Pvt. Ltd.
146.00 €

Automatically create the vendor number from a sequence when a vendor is being created.

Automatic Vendor Number
Josef Kaser , pragmasoft

Cancel manufacturings Order app is helpful plugin to cancel processed manufacturing order. Cancellation of manufacturing order includes operations like cancel Invoice, Cancel Delivery Order, Cancel paid Invoice, Unreconcile Payment, Cancel processed delivery order/ cancel processed picking.

Cancel Manufacturing Order
Craftsync Technologies
19.00 €

No More hassle. Just one Click to complete Quotations, Invoicing, Refund for Sale and Purchase

One Click Sale/Purchase
Ksolves India Pvt. Ltd.
97.00 €

Add a qr code to product

Product QR Code
Ninas Softs
4.99 €

General Ledger report with Account Filter

General Ledger Account Filter
Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
9.99 €

Partner filter & show initial and closing balance

Partner Ledger Filter with Initial and Closing Balance
Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
16.99 €

Roll Out Login.

Roll Out Login
Spellbound Soft Solutions
10.00 €
Create Fulfillment Service Invoice From Stock Picking, Stock Move, or Stock Quant
OpenSynergy Indonesia

Kanak Infosystems LLP.

Custom Matrix Survey
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
49.00 €

Email confirmation to activation link

Account Activate by email at signup
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
30.00 €

Add a picture to your payment method in the POS Session

POS Payment Image
Kanak Infosystems LLP
15.00 €
Website Slider Snippests
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
25.00 €

Image Widget Enlarge

Image Widget Enlarge
Ananthu Krishna
10.00 €

Website Vehicle Service Management System

Website Vehicle Service
Ascetic Business Solution
75.00 €

API to integrate Odoo with whatever system you need

REST API/OpenAPI/Swagger
IT-Projects LLC , Ivan Yelizariev
180.00 €

Accounting Reports For Odoo 12

Accounting PDF/Excel Reports
Laxicon Solution
99.00 €

Accounting Excel Reports For Odoo 11

Accounting PDF/Excel Reports
Laxicon Solution
99.00 €

Tutorial about how to add the archiving feature on a model

Tutorial add archiving option
14.95 €

Slideshow Gallery for your Website

Website Slideshow Gallery
Nedas Zilinskas , Xpansa Group
30.00 €