PayuMoney Payment Acquirer

v 9.0 Third Party 4

39.00 €

Technical name kc_payment_payumoney
Included Dependencies Web

PayUmoney Payment Acquier

Add Merchant Key and Merchant Salt which is generated from PayUmoney.

On the payment page, select the PayUmoney Payment Acquirer and click on Pay Now button.

Now, you will be redirected to the PayUmoney gateway.

PayUmoney gives you to facility for payment from wallet.

After clicking on Pay Now, you will be redirected to PayUmoney payment page. Login into your PayUmoney account and enter card details.

After Payment done, Your order is confirmed now.

You can Printout the out from click on Print button and Your order is look like show here.

In the back-end, You can show the Sales order with Payment Acquirer and Transcation No.

You can show the Payment transaction tree view under the Payments menu in Invoicing.

All the payments done using the PayUmoney gateway are logged here with all following details.

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