Easypost Delivery

v 9.0 Third Party 9

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Technical name easy_post_delivery_drc
Read description for v 11.0 v 10.0 v 8.0
Required Apps Inventory Management (stock)
Sales Management (sale)
Invoicing (account)

Easypost Delivery


Before you install this module clone easypost library from Here and install on your system using python setup.py install .
Run pip install easypost command in Terminal.

Get API Credentials & Carrier Account IDs

To get API credentials Sign up/Login into the Easypost website.

To get Carrier Account IDs got to Dashboard -> Carrier Accounts.

Configure Carrier Method in Odoo

  • To Configure carrier accounts in odoo go to Sale -> Configuration -> Delivery -> Delivery Methods.
  • Create new Carrier method
  • Select Easypost as Price Computation
  • Set API Key (Production or Test Key), Carrier Id, Label File type and Service level of respective carrier

Create Sale Order with Easypost Delivery Carrier

  • Create Sale Order With Easypost Carrier Account
  • It also supports Muti Currency

Print Label For Shipment

To print Label confirm Shipment from picking. You will get Label under Attachments


Tracking Details in Picking

  • You will get information about tracking like Tracking code, Tracking Status, Tracking Message and Address.
  • Tracking Informations is updated after every 5 minutes of interval.
  • You can update Tracking Information manually using Update Tracking Info button.
  • If Label is deleted by the user, it can be again download using Get Shipping Label

Redirect to Tracking URL

To open Tracking URL Click on Tracking.

Generate Scan form

  • Its optional part to Generate Scan form.
  • A ScanForm can be created to speed up and simplify the carrier pickup process. The ScanForm is one document that can be scanned to mark all included tracking codes as "Accepted for Shipment" by the carrier.
  • To create Scan Form go to Inventory -> Easypost -> Batch/Scan From
  • After filling required data click on Get Pickings to get pickings.
  • Confirm Scan form.
  • Generate form using Generate Postage Label button.
  • You will get Postage Label under Attechments
  • If Postage Label is deleted by the user, it can be again download using Get Postage Label

Postage Label

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