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Technical name blue_custom_branding
Also available for v 11.0 v 10.0

Odoo Color Branding

Make your Odoo instances unique.

The Odoo Color Branding module developed by Blue Stingray allows you theme your Odoo instance with whatever colors your would like. This is great for branding an instance to your company colors and making your employees feel like it's their own application.

Live Demo Access

Access a live demo instance with this module installed.

Blue Stingray provides a live demo environment for many of our modules so that you can see the module installed into a sample instance, test out the features, and determine if it will work for your needs before purchasing. Click the button below and login with the username demo and the password demo.


Pick Your Own Colors

Stop your overdue customers from ordering based on their overall credit limit and their credit limit status.

Technical and Functional Support

Free bug fixes and email support for 30 days after purchase.

Blue Stingray will do whatever we can to help you successfully implement and utilize our modules to improve your systems. This include 30 days of free bug fixes and email support after the purchase of any of our modules. Reach out to us directly through the contact form or by emailing us at support@bluestingray.com.

Installation and Configuration

1. Copy the files to your addons folder.

This step depends on exactly how your installation is configured, but you will want to place the blue_custom_branding module that is provided on download into an addons folder on your server. If you are not sure about what folders are considered addons folders then you can look at your odoo configuration file.

You can place these files on your server multiple different ways. We recommend either SCP/SSH or FTP.

2. Restart your Odoo instance.

Whenever installing new applications, you will need to restart your Odoo instance. We highly recommend that you do not do this during your standard hours of operations, and in a production environment. There is always a chance that modules can conflict, and you do not want to take down your system for any amount of time like this.

Use the standard method that you would normally use to restart your Odoo instance. There are multiple different methods for this depending on your setup but we typically see something like the following:

# Using a service script on Linux
sudo service odoo-server restart

# Using Docker and Docker-Compose
docker-compose restart

3. Install The Module.

Once you have restarted your instance, you can navigate to the Apps screen within your Odoo instance and install the Odoo Branding module. This will open up all of the feature for you to access.

That's it! Start using the new features!

Contact Blue Stingray

Reach out for Odoo implementation services.

Blue Stingray helps you improve your processes and your business with better software systems. We offer Odoo implementation services on Community and Enterprise for the full implementation life cycle of an ERP system. This include services such as system installation/configuration (on-site or cloud hosted), system maintenance, business analysis/requirements gathering, custom module development, support/training, data migration, and system cutover.

Custom Branding



The module is installed through Odoo's App interface. It will automatically install Odoo dependencies not already installed.

Once installed, you must tell Odoo where to store and create the less files. This is done by creating a system paramter with a key of 'blue_custom_branding.addon_path'. We suggest using the full path of where the blue_custom_braning module is installed. For example, '/home/odoo_user/odoo/odoo9/vendor_addons/blue_custom_branding'. The process Odoo runs under must have permission to read and write to this directory.


This module allows you to have a different color theme depending on which company the user is logged into. The purpose is to give a visual indication telling the user which company they are logged into. You can also use this module to easily change the colors within odoo, even if you do not use the multicompany functionality.

To create colors for a company, go to Settings, Users, Companies. If this menu item is not there, you will need to enable multicompany on at least one user. In the form view of the company, there is a "Theme" tab where you can enter various colors for each class of UI elements. When entering a color, use the hex value of the color, leaving off the '#' at the front of the color value.

The Info Color is the color that defines the top bar, perhaps the most important variable you may want to change.

You can use themes from Bootswatch (https://bootswatch.com/). To use a prebuilt theme, look at the variables.less file and copy the @brand-{variable} value into the theme area for a company.

After changing the color associated with a company, you must refresh the browser to see any changes. This also applies to changing the company the user is logged into.

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