Credit Holds

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Technical name blue_credit_holds
Also available for v 10.0

Reduce your risk.

Reduce your risk, preventing customers from generating large liabilities.

Stop the delivery process for customers in default.

Set credit limits on a per customer basis.

Allows you to prevent or allow particular orders to be processed.

Works in both Community and Enterprise editions of Odoo.


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Credit Hold


The module is installed through Odoo's App interface. It will automatically install Odoo dependencies not already installed.


Setting the credit limit

Once installed, each customer is given a credit limit. This is done in the Credit Holds section, on the Sales & Purchases tab. To have permission to change this value, a user must be in the Billing or Adviser group.

Triggering the Credit Hold on a customer

A Credit Hold is triggered in one of several situations:

  1. If the total amount invoiced goes over the customer's credit limit. Only invoices that are not in a Draft status are used to compute this amount.
  2. If the customer has a late payment of any value.
  3. Someone has forced the customer to have a credit hold. This is done in the same section as the credit limit. Again, a user must be in the Billing or Adviser group to force a credit hold on a customer.

If a credit hold, this can be released by someone with proper permissions, being a member of the Billing or Adviser group. The option to release the credit hold is under the Force Credit Hold option.

Triggering the Credit Hold on a sales order

Just as customer have a credit status, sales orders also have a credit hold status. If there is a credit hold placed on the sales order, a warning will show stating this. The other result is that the stock picking toolbar is hidden, preventing the delivery process for the order.

Sales orders inherit the credit hold status of the customer. This information is under the Other Information tab of a Sales Order. If a customer has a credit hold placed on them, then all sales orders generated for the customer will have a credit hold placed on them. But this status can be overridden on an indiviual basis. So a sensitive order could have its credit hold lifted, even though the customer has a credit hold against them. Conversely, a particular sales order could have a credit hold placed against it, even if the customer does not have a general hold against them. These privleges require the user to be in the Billing or Adviser groups.

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