Allow Zero-Amount Payments

v 9.0 Third Party 78
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Technical name blue_allow_zero_payments

Allow Zero-Amount Payments

Enter zero-amount payments

Allow employees to enter and track $0 payments through your Odoo instance. This is often used for registering payments for a refund and a standard invoice that have the same amount.


On your enterprise / private Odoo

To install this module on a private server, you need to:

  • Upload module to your addons folder
  • Restart odoo service
  • Upgrade modules list
  • Remove the "App" filter
  • Install the Allow Zero-Amount Payment module

Works in both Community and Enterprise editions of Odoo.

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Allow Zero Payments


The module is installed through Odoo's App interface. It does not have any dependencies.


Normally, Odoo requires that any payments be greater than zero. If you have a need for allowing payments of 0, either to customers or vendors, this module will allow that. You will make payments as you normally would.

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