Add To Cart

v 9.0 Third Party 2250
Download for 9.0 series
Technical name add_to_cart
Also available for v 8.0

Swift process to add items in the Shopping Cart

One click for customer to add items in the Shopping Cart..

An item will be added in the Shopping Cart once customer clicks on the Add to Cart button and right after that it will show the plus/minus buttons. Customer easily see the quantity of an item in the Cart and he can change it there itself.

Keep an eye on your budget

The whole Sopping Cart is in front of you..

Sopping Cart View is available on the shop page. Customer see the added items and it's total amount on the shop page itself, no need to go on Shopping Cart page.

Don't mind for the Cart length

It will adopt the scroll bar whenever necessary..

We have added the scroll bar for Shopping Cart to make it easy for your eyes.

Do more in less clicks

We have a single click checkout from the Shop Page..

Customer easily move process to checkout from the Shop Page.

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