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v 8.0 Third Party 15

30.00 €

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Technical name website_sale_clear_cart
Read description for v 10.0 v 9.0
Required Apps eCommerce (website_sale)
Sales Management (sale)
Website Builder (website)
Online Billing (account_voucher)
eInvoicing (account)

Clear cart button

It just clears the cart.

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I can't believe this cost 9€
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I'm very suprised. I use Odoo since a time ago, and I didn't saw nothing like this. Odoo is a great software, but I can't believe a simple addon like this cost 9€. I hope this does not become fashionable, and sooner or later one of us will make an addon like this for free. The adoons to be sold should be for very specific and complex needs.