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Affero GPL-3


Sale Channel

allow the use of multiple sales channels for instance for different websites, countries and shops.

Define custom sales channels with their own information and business logic, just like a multi-company setup but much easier.

setup sales channels

For each sales channel you can specify a default pricelist, tax structure, logo and address, sales person and many other settings.

sales channels on order and invoices

Specify a sales channel with every sale order or customer invoice.

define tax structure

For each sales channel you can define a seperate tax structure if you like, just like you can in a multicompany setup.

generate unlimited reports

Create custom reports based on sales channels. For instance turnover and profit per sales channel per month.


To create a new sales channel go to Sales -> Configuration -> Sales Channels and click on Create. Then type at least a name and select the tag 'Sales Channel'.


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